Welcome to DJL Studio.

DJL Studio was founded in 2001 by David Joseph Laubenthal, an artist and designer with a background in sculpture and architecture. His affinity for built environments combined with his organic, sculptural sensibilities led him to some projects that married the two interests. David worked for Michael Curry Design for 10 years heading up the sculpture department that was a key component in many high profile international projects ranging from the Lion King on Broadway, the Winter Olympic games in Salt Lake City, many of the Cirque du Soleil productions worldwide, The Superbowl (NFL) halftime ceremonies, and large scale kinetic sculptures at the Wynn Casinos in Las Vegas and Macau, China. Working on these and other high profile projects allowed David to work with cutting edge materials, tool and techniques which he has translated into his own work.

In recent years David’s design sense has leaned more toward an environmentally friendly approach using many tenets of green design. DJL Studio attempts to use local, responsibly harvested materials, and local manufacturing whenever possible and completes custom commissions using both time honored and cutting edge approaches that provide unique design solutions to meet client needs. The examples shown on this site are just some examples of the custom commissions completed in recent years…

“We look forward to meeting you and designing and creating your works of art” DJL Studio

Quality, integrity, sensitivity, unique.


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